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    PostSubject: Kalona   Sun May 27, 2012 6:13 pm

    Kalona is a fallen angel an old warrior of Nyx,that first appears in Untamed and is described to have the appearance of an angel. He has beauty beyond compare, wings the color of the ravens wings (dark purple), long, thick black hair, and the ability to change into the form of a giant raven. He has smooth skin the color of the sun's rays and his eyes are the color of amber.Since Kalona was a creature from the heavens, he has an aversion to earth and prefers to not go under ground unless completely necessary . Kalona has an uncontrollable lust for women and he hates that he has to have them. After bedding one maiden in a Cherokee village, he became obsessed with them and turned into a monster because of it. He ruled over the men with his divine power and defiled the women there. The Wise Woman of the village has said that women is his water, his air, and his food - his very life. Kalona is the father of the Raven Mockers, which are the mutant children of Kalona and the Cherokee women he raped. Kalona was finally put an end to when the Wise Women from all the tribes made a girl out of clay using skills of themselves so she could run as fast as the wind and have beauty beyond compare. They named her A-ya and she possessed the five elements like Zoey. She was so beautiful that Kalona could not resist her. A-ya led Kalona to a cave deep in the forest where the Wise Women follow them and chanted magical words. When Kalona followed A-ya into the cave, she turned back into the earth she once was, trapping Kalona along with her and her soul disappeared after several years. The Wise Women called to Earth Mother to seal the cave. In present time, Kalona is resurrected by Stevie Rae's blood when it is absorbed by a big oak tree as said in a prophecy by Aphrodite. The oak tree opens revealing Kalona, who becomes Neferet's Consort. In "Hunted" he comes to Zoey in a dream and tries to tempt her into joining him against Nyx because he thinks Zoey is the fair maiden A-ya, who was created to love Kalona but she resists. He fails at the end when Zoey banishes him along with Neferet and is no longer penetrated by his luring spell. Even so, he penetrates her dreams and tries to woo her on various occasions after words. At the same time, he pretends to be Erebus, the consort of Nyx, while Neferet poses as the Nyx Incarnate. Kalona kills Heath at the end of Tempted for overhearing a conversation with him and Neferet. He also tells Zoey he can be good if he was with her fully. In Burned, Neferet bound his body under an oath. In order to redeem it back for himself, he needs to complete the purpose Neferet sends him for to the Otherworld - to not let Zoey come back again, a task in which he failed to accomplish.
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