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 MaliciousBee's Poetry

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PostSubject: MaliciousBee's Poetry   Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:13 am

Here's a collection of my own poetry, just a few to start:

Trouble Is..

I tried,
always doing the same,
the result never differs,
failing is my default,

should have known,
but inside i ignored the resolve,
trusted in the words spoken,

never gained the faith,
I longed to know,
but pleaded not,
what a shame,

couldn't take it away,
happiness the outcome,
how could I say no?
too selfless to see,

we're different,
curiousity is key,
in this hole,
trapped away,

see through my eyes,
hear my thoughts,
feel the pain,
I'm immensely lost,

the past has come undone,
I carry a burden dear,
the life I lived will now repeat,
I'm not ready,

no more to tell,
you sense this as well,
i'm dishonest,
and I'm sorry.


So when we find that all we have is nothing,
and the tears well up in our eyes,
the world seems so hard to beat,
and nothing resolves but lies,

we try and repair those broken and hurt,
but in ourselves we find,
we're not much different than them,
but far too selfless to mind,

is it them that needs the fixing?
can we handle such tedious tasks?
I find in my heart mixed emotions,
and I'm not sure of the confidence I lack,

for one night I'd like the chance,
one night to fix it all,
my lack luster views upon myself gone,
and turned into a whimsical girl,

And in my heart I am growing,
more weak and tired as the days end,
and tomorrow I'm left with knowing,
I won't see you soon,

my soul yearns for the touch,
one to soothe the darkness,
forgiving all my thoughts,
and i'll rise again,
and shine.


Every obstacle,
another day it seems,
missing you all the more,
I'm sorry,

Every hour,
Another string on my heart pulled,
I didn't want you to leave,
I was just told,

That smile you gave me,
disappeared with you,
disappointment and regret,
how can I juggle?

Tonight I'll need you,
'cause sleep won't come,
everyone I thought I loved,
disagreed with my every action,

I need your warmth,
your arms around me,
it seems forever,
since this last happened,

Please don't be angered,
I'm tired as well,
I try to forget,
but I let you down.
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MaliciousBee's Poetry
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