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 Sky's Story

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PostSubject: Sky's Story   Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:25 am

Sky's Story

I pushed my long mousey brown hair behind my ears and stared at myself in the mirror, reaching for my eyeliner. I guess you could say I’m not the cheeriest person in the world, but honestly, why would you be if you went to a school filled people who plaster smiles on their faces every morning, like I do. I was literally the only person at Carson High with any individuality. There were jocks cheerleaders and then me.
I sighed pulling a black band shirt over my green thermal and tugged on my long hair again. I looked in the mirror again my shockingly green eyes gazed back at me. I guess one of the few things that people seemed to notice about me were my eyes… The rest was average, average height, average face, and a little bigger than average feet. I was really nothing extraordinary, just different.
Sighing, I tromped down the stairs to the kitchen. Naturally everyone was already gone leaving me the thrilling task of locking up. I grabbed my car keys off the worn counter, leaving out the back door slamming it before I locked it tight. I opened the door to my beat up grey VW Rabbit and hopped in turning the radio on. I drummed my fingers on the clutch humming along with the guitar riffs.
It took me about five minutes to drive to the high school, which meant I always seemed to get there sooner than I wanted to. I pulled in an empty parking space near the fields, deliberately parking next to a shiny new BMW. I opened my door quickly leaving a dent in its almost perfect paint job. I smiled swinging my backpack over my shoulder heading to my usual hang out under the bleachers. Okay so dinging somebody’s car is immature I know, but ahh the satisfaction. I slouched down onto the damp dew-speckled grass. I was about to pull a book out, in efforts to get ahead in Lit. Class, when I heard the familiar crunch of the grass. Somebody was coming this way. Usually the only others who came back here were he potheads, but they didn’t have the motivation to get to school early enough for first period, so who?
I watched the path between here and the woods warily. The footsteps got closer
“I swear to G—“ I started but stopped when the guy walked out with his hands in the air like he was guilty of something
“Sorry I didn’t know this was a private area” He shrugged joking as he lowered his hands
I craned my neck looking up at him. He loomed over me wearing a black hoodie and washed-out jeans. I studied his pale face he had unruly black hair and defined circles under his deep grey eyes. He must be new, obviously he didn’t get the memo about our fashion forward school.
"Well it’s not, but since you’re new I’ll let you kno--" I started
"But I’m not" he interrupted coming closer.
“You’re not what?” I raised my eyebrows.
“New, I’m not new,” he repeated walking closer.
I looked him up and down again carefully. I definitely think I would have noticed him before.
"I’m Sumner", he prompted "we have Latin Two together"...erm what?
"Sumner …Reynolds?" I asked unsure if we were talking about the same person.
"Yeah" he nodded
"Little Miss Perfect Blonde’s little brother?" I asked still slightly bewildered, “weren't you umm blonde?" I furrowed my eyebrows trying to recall what he looked like
"Yeah if you mean Haley, and I was," he said dismissively looking down at his feet.
He was? I had never seen him do football or wear designer clothes, I guess that was a plus. I had never really talked to him, except maybe about notes.
"What did you uh do?" I asked awkwardly twirling my hair around my index finger.
"I dyed my hair black because I was sick if playing along and not living my life by my rules” he answered seriously, with a determined look on his face, "plus blond never was my color" he added a quick smile lit his eyes
Huh… cute and funny
"I'm Sky…well I guess you already knew that" I introduced myself grinning as the bell for class to started to ring in the distance. I hopped up (barely coming past his nose) and brushed the wet grass off my jeans.
"Well I guess I'll see you in Latin" I shrugged turning away from him, thoughts already buzzing in my head
"Or at lunch" he added hopefully, or maybe that was just my imagination.
I started to leave but spun around when I realized he was heading in the opposite direction of the school.
"Wait where are you going?" I asked
" Haven't you ever heard that ditching is healthy?" he asked raising his eyebrows...god he was hot, wait forget I said that. I chewed my cheek in deliberation.
"Maybe once or twice" I answered walking towards him, trying to play it cool, like that had ever worked for me.
"I guess you could come with me " he said "if you want" he added
I hesitated for a moment I wasn't concerned about ditching, but it just seemed too perfect.
"But of course if you are too--"
"No" I cut him off eagerly "I mean I'll come" I finished trailing him.
"Where are we going?" I asked after a couple minutes of walking in silence. We were almost to the forest outside of the soccer field.
"Hmm" he said thoughtfully "I don't really know"
I let out a small laugh that sounded quiet compared to the crunching of the forest’s leafy bedding beneath our feet.
"So why now?" I asked him looking up at the towering pines.
"Now is as good a time as any other to change" he answered sounding very profound.
"You know, you sound like a fortune cookie" I told him
"Well that’s a new one, I’ve never been compared to a baked good before" he smiled at me
I picked up my pace to catch up with his long strides.
"Close your eyes" he told me stopping suddenly making me stop in my tracks as I looked curiously up at him, raising my eyebrows.
"Why should I?, I mean I barely know you" I said defensively, but before I could protest anymore he cupped his cold thin hands over my eyes. I resisted the urge to push his arms away, I somehow just knew he was ok, corny right?
"Ok?" he whispered
"Mhm" I answered preoccupied with trying to figure out where we were going. He started walking again, this time behind me slowly guiding me.
"Ok" he said again as we stopped, moving his hands from my eyes. I looked around we were still in the forest and I was standing in front of a giant oak tree. A tree big whoop.
"Uhh Sumner?" I asked turning to face him, he was looking into the tree's thick branches. I followed his gaze, which lay on a small platform just big enough for two people with a couple blankets nestled in its branches.
"You go first" I told him, skeptically
He nodded walking around me and heaving himself onto one of the lower branches. I stifled a laugh when he slipped, but he ignored me until he got to the top.
"Come on" he called looking down at me
"No it’s okay, I'm fine down here" I told him nervously.
"Aww come on. How can you be afraid of heights? Your name is Sky," he smiled teasingly.
"Its not the heights I don't like its the falling part" I muttered loud enough for him to hear
"But its not the fall that hurts its when you hit the ground" he recited
"You listen to the Caesars?" I asked in disbelief.
"Of course" he answered reaching to help me
"Uhh Okay, bear with me here” I muttered biting my lip swinging one of my legs over one of the lower branches.
After carefully and meticulously making my way up to the top, I tripped onto the platform Sumner grabbing me by the waist to stop me from falling just in time. Despite myself I could feel my cheeks burn. He was just making sure I wouldn’t fall I told myself plopping down next to him, shivering as a cool breeze blew through the tree rustling the maroon leaves. I looked up at him through the sheets of mousey brown hair, that the wind had blown over my face. I pushed the hair behind my ear feeling self conscious as we sat in the quiet.
"Sumner" I prompted worried I was breaking some kind of trance.
He smiled watching at me , "Sorry I was just thinking-"
I shivered as the cold autumn wind struck again.
"Here" he said offering to share the blanket. He is just being polite, he is just being polite I repeated to myself.
"O-ok" I stammered scooting closer to him "so you were thinking?" I reminded him he nodded the corners of his mouth tugging up.
"I was thinking that maybe you wanted to or you know could or would go on a...” he rambled, “oh I cant even say it, it’s too cliche" he groaned.
My heart skipped a beat, then fell was this his way of asking me out ?
"What?" i asked
Wait a minute! Let’s re-think this. Why was I all worried? I barely knew him! I tried to shake the feeling off but couldn’t focus on anything other than him as the scent of Oldspice filled my nose.
"Do you want to hang out a my place sometime" he rephrased it.
"Uhhm" I muttered looking down his place? Where did he live again? I strained to remember "okay?" I answered, still a little unsure, and saw his grey eyes sparkle with life.

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PostSubject: Re: Sky's Story   Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:28 am

=] all i can say is =]
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Posts : 27
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Location : coming out of my cage and doing just fine

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PostSubject: Re: Sky's Story   Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:20 pm

thanks sis tongue i'm going to edit the rest and then write more
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PostSubject: Re: Sky's Story   

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Sky's Story
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