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 Kill The Messenger

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PostSubject: Kill The Messenger   Sun May 09, 2010 9:36 pm

Comments and Constructive Criticism's welcome.
This is just the first bit, I'll post more if there is any interest in it

Alec looked down at his watch, which he seldom wore, and glanced back up at the horizon. Lucas should’ve been here by now he couldn’t afford to keep covering for him. He turned to leave wondering why he even bothered risking his neck for somebody who couldn’t care less. He heard a rustling of leaves behind him and jolted around ready for an attacker, fists clenched. But it was just Lucas, and that girl he had told him specifically not to bring.
“Sorry Alec,” he smiled sheepishly, “you said not to bring her but…”
“Whatever” he snapped wearily, “If you want to ge—“ but he was cut off by a scream that cut through the eerie calm of the forest like a knife.
“Stay here so she isn’t discovered” Alec told him purposely not addressing the girl, “I’ll check on it whatever it was is too close”
He left them the fall wind blowing a few leaves down from the nearly barren trees. He ran at a steady pace thinking about how he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t such a nice guy. No, he reminded himself he owed Lucas and this was just payment for that. He stopped dead in his tracks his eyes widening at the gruesome scene in front of him. The orange and brown carpet of leaves was spattered with blood, and a corpse lay in the middle of it in front of him. That was just the first part he noticed his eyes were instantly drawn to the chest…. the heart had been carved out. It, no she had been a girl mid twenties maybe he had never been a good judge her face was contorted in shock and agony her eyes hollow. Unsure of what to do of his findings he approached the body and closed they eyes. He stepped away deciding to just leave it, it would be better if the killer didn’t know he’d been here.
He jogged back to the meeting spot a grave look on his face. Lucas was whispering something to the girl a slight bush on her cheeks deepening. He coughed and they both looked up at him.
“What was it?” Lucas asked his tone unsure Alec’s expression sobering him up
“A girl” he paused, “Her heart was carved out and missing”
Lucas’ knees locked and he took a couple steps back
“You don’t mean…” his voice quavered.
The girls face was ashen any color that had been there mere minutes ago was now gone.
“My sisters wouldn’t! We stopped that years ago” she cried defensively grabbing on to Lucas’ arm for stability.
“Well then who the hell else would,” he snapped angrily attempting to regain his temper the heat pumping through his veins slowed, “You need to leave” he ordered her. Lucas nodded in agreement ushering her away.
“It wasn’t any of us, I swear!” she yelled again defiantly fire dancing in her green eyes she turned to Lucas, “You have to know” she pleaded taking his hands.
“I do but right now it looks really bad for you, it would just be better if you go home. If anybody finds out that you were out here around when the body is discovered you know what that would mean” he tried to reason with her.
She nodded but still wouldn’t budge.
“Go take her home make sure she doesn’t tell anyone, Jared needs to know first” Alec instructed Lucas again.
When she heard the name she shook her head agitated
“Wait what! Why do we have to bring the whole pack into this , listen we both know that my sister—“
“No you listen! If Jared finds out about this and knows we didn’t tell him, he’s bound to find out about you and Lucas and even worse if he doesn’t find out and the killings continue you will have just put blood on all of our hands.” Alec snapped. He was sick of her and covering for them. She was pushing him closer and closer to the edge, which was a dangerous place for him to be.
“No” she protested but Lucas was bugger than her, he put his arm around her reasoning with her and leading her away. Alec shook his heads as their figures slowly disappeared on the horizon. They were holding hands. He felt a pang of loneliness but instantly pushed it to the back of his mind. There were more important things he had to handle now. He closed his eyes clearing his thoughts and felt the cool breeze blow. He wanted to be a part of it, weightless. There was a sickening crunch of bones re-arranging as huge wings grew from his shoulder blades covered flawlessly in white feathers.
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Kill The Messenger
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