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 Moonlight Academy: Luna Moon

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PostSubject: Moonlight Academy: Luna Moon   Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:59 pm

Moonlight Academy: Luna Moon
By: Brittany Dulin

The moon was shining brighter than ever the night of the full moon; it was a chilly night in September when he found her. Victor Salem was a man that was banished from his home for attempt of murder and other sadistic plans. She was sent away to be protected from him, far away, to a place they thought he would never be able to find her, but here he was now, picking up the small infant and cradling her as if she was a precious jewel. Luna Moon had one thing in her possession other than the blanket that covered her, a necklace with a charm of a crescent moon, glowing on her neck. He touched it and it burnt beneath his finger. He jerked his hand away, sticking his finger in his mouth, and then he smiled, “I have changed my plans for you, Luna. You may live and I will raise you to be something great. You will be my tool and I will make you into something they have never seen before.” He laughed a dark laugh that would send chills through the most sadistic criminal’s spines and turned to walk into the shadows.
Luna woke up that morning, sore and dirty. Her clothes were torn and everything was bruised terribly that it hurt to move. She closed her eyes, wincing in pain. She couldn’t remember much, she remembered HIM and she remembered that she had to get away because he was crazy. He wanted to use her to terrible things; her whole life has been one big experiment for him. He raised her as a pet, she had to escape. She had to. Luna gripped at the damp grass and mud, pulling herself across the grass. She looked into the sky; there was no moon. She never had the energy she usually had when there was a moon out. Luna never thought it was strange; it was just because it was an inspiration for her, it was beautiful and she envied it so. She rolled over on her back, ignoring the pain it caused on every inch of her body; she stared at the sky and wondered if she was going to die. That’s when she heard them, howls from the dark woods on the other side of the street. This was it, she thought, they will eat me. She could almost laugh, she was going to die here as a meal for wolves. Perfect. There was a brush against leaves, followed by at least three more. Luna only caught a glimpse of the wolves that now stood over her with almost a look of concern that was very human-like, and then her sight started to fade with her consciousness before everything went black.
Luna opened her eyes and she flinched away from the bright light that shone in her face. She moved her head to the right everything was a white blur, some of the white blurs moving around. Her head hurt and she didn't know where she was or how she got there. She wanted to move but she was too sore and something was stopping her, pushing her back down. Luna groaned in pain and protested against the force that she recognized now as a hand and the white blurs were nurses. She was in a clinic, she noticed as her vision started to clear, she grabbed the wrist of a passing nurse; "Where am I?" Luna asked.

The nurse smiled. "Good morning, dear, you're at the clinic in Moonlight Academy."

Luna frowned. "Moonlight Academy?" She asked, confused and still slightly dazed.

"Mmhm, School for werewolves." She tilted her head at Luna. "What is your name?"

Luna pulled her hair out of her face. "Luna...Luna Moon." She said as she fingered the necklace on her neck.

Luna peered down at it. She was born with it and didn't know where it had come from or where she had come from. She wasn't the most normal of people, not only was she a werewolf but she was born with red hair so faint and luminescent that it appeared to be pink and her crystal blue eyes seemed to shine brighter than most eyes. Luna struggled to remember more about her childhood but the blank darkness seemed to hit her like an invisible wall, she didn't remember. She gasped and her grip tightened on the nurse’s wrist, the nurse screamed out in pain as the bones snapped beneath her fingers. Luna's eyes widened in shock as she realized what she done, she pulled her hand back with a gasp. "I'm so sorry!" Luna looked at her hands bewildered. “I didn't mean to."

The nurses all stared at her now, a few seconds ago Luna had been just another patient and now, suddenly, she was a freak show that every nurse had to gather around to shoot out comments from the situation concerning her and the nurse who now lay on the ground holding her wrist and rocking back in forth, groaning in pain. "It could just be an effect from adrenaline, the poor dear was almost dead when they brought her here." said one nurse.

Luna looked at her with raised brows, had she? Yes. That she remembered...the pain...but why? What happened and why could she not remember?

Another scenario was offered, "Perhaps it is just her strength; we werewolves have strong grips."

A nurse with graying hair shook her head at the other nurse. "Impossible that was a vampire grip."

"You think she’s a werepire, now?" The nurse retorted skeptically.

"Werewolves have powers." Said a young, blonde nurse; she smiled at Luna when she gazed at her.

"Yes but werewolves have one power and that is all, she has already shown to us that she can heal." asked the elderly nurse who had accused me of having a "vampire grip".

"I did?" Luna asked, speaking up at last.

She nodded. "That you did. Look at you, you're completely fine and we have only had you for one night! Your bones were broken, your body was scratched up, and you were bruised from head to toe. Like we said, you were practically halfway dead when they brought you."

Luna blinked and looked down at her hands, flashes of blood and gashes flashed through her mind on these same hands and they were right her hands were perfectly fine and smooth, not even a scare to show evidence that she had ever been harmed. Remarkable, she thought.

Just then a tall woman walked in ushering the nurses away from her. Luna stared at her with amazed eyes, she was an eye sore. Her long, light brown hair waved down like a think curtain and her green eyes jumped out like jade jewels on her heart shaped face and light, smooth skin. She was beautiful and powerful. She was slender and tall with curves to die for but she was radiating power, so much power that Luna felt so small standing close to her though Luna was about to her chin in height.

"Luna Moon, I am your Head Mistress and Professor of Transformation. You can call me Nora or Professor Nora, if you like." Professor Nora spoke in a soft tone that soothed Luna's nerves, she suddenly felt very comfortable and trusting of her. Luna wondered if it was her power like the nurses had been talking about when coming up with scenarios for what had happened with the nurse. This triggered her memory as she looked down at the nurse guiltily. "Are you here to punish me for that?" Luna asked Professor Nora sheepishly.

Professor Nora looked at the nurse who looked back up at her, waiting to see if she was going to see any justice for what Luna had done to her hand. At last, she shook her head. "No, I am not here to punish you, Luna. It certainly is something we should discuss in my office, though. Our Professor of Magic will meet us in there and hopefully we can discover the means of the situation there." She smiled and held her hand out towards the door. "Will you come with me?"

Luna nodded and followed her out the door, looking back apologetically at the nurse when the other nurses helped her up and started to examine and treat her hand. The injured nurse simply scowled at Luna. Good thing I can heal, thought Luna, because I have a feeling I'm not going to be welcome in that clinic anymore.

The walk down the halls, or corridors rather seemed more appropriate seeing the castle-like structure of the Academy. Students walked by, eyeing Luna and whispering to each other. Apparently, the story of her arrival had gotten out and was already spreading among the ears of students. Luna looked around while she walked with the Head Mistress, suddenly something hit her. It knocked the breath out of her and she fell backwards onto the floor; whatever had hit her fell to and onto her stomach, not helping Luna catch her breath.

"Ouch, oh crap, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" asked a dismayed male voice. Luna rubbed at her back as she sat up, finally catching her breath.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Are you?" She looked at him and smiled. He had an apologetic and slightly alarmed expression on his face. His brown hair was pulling down over his eyes and he wiped it away so that it swayed against his forehead. Then his eyes caught her attention, she could have sworn they had just changed before her eyes. Luna leaned in to get a better look but didn't point it out, a blush rose at his cheeks from her sudden closeness and sure enough his eyes flashed into a golden color from the original dark blue it had taken on. "What’s your name?" Luna asked, still watching his eyes.

"Alex, Alex Nightfall. What’s yours?"

"Luna Moon." We shook hands and his golden eyes seemed to get brighter, and Luna thought her eyes were different. "Did you know your eyes changed colors?" She asked stupidly.

He laughed, embarrassed and instead of replaying he gathered his stuff and walked away.

"Wait Alex!" Luna called as she picked up a notebook he had left behind but he was already rounding the corner of the corridor.

Professor Nora held out a hand and helped me up. "Making friends already?" She joked.

Luna laughed. "Apparently."

She smiled at her then started walking again towards her office. "I have to ask, Luna, how did you come to be in that spot in such a condition when we found you?"

Luna looked at her, so she had been one of the wolves that had found me. She remembered that part too; there was only certain parts of her memory that seems to have been lost, like a big gap in her memory. Obviously she remembered her name, she remembered she was a werewolf, and she remembered being found, injured, by wolves. She didn't, however, remember the answer to Professor Nora's question. "I don’t know..."
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Moonlight Academy: Luna Moon
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